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31-Jan-2018 02:50

In today’s America the total number of single people are around 54,250,000.

With that being said, the total number of those individuals who use dating sites on their phones are roughly 41,250,000. This is a staggering number as it shows that only 13 thousand individuals do not use their smart phones to find dates. Retrieved April 2015, from Psych424: Applied Social Psychology: https://courses.edu/sp15/psych424/001/content/14_lesson/03_This entry was posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at pm and is filed under Uncategorized.

Perhaps online dating on your phone is the new “craze”, but the misconception is that you do not need to join one of these websites in order to find love. You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

We as humans have been finding mates since time has begun, and I think we have done pretty good before we could show our emotions with smiley faces and heart eyes. You can leave a comment, or trackback from your own site.

However, this particular quote is from a poem called Hudibras, written by Samuel Butler (Religious Tolerance), the poem makes a naughty reference to the mistress “disciplining” her lover (This Day in Quotes).

So as you can see the idea of discipline and what it means remains a mystery, a conundrum, if you will, to many.

Misunderstanding the meaning of the word discipline and then applying this misunderstanding to our children is a problem and social change needs to happen in order to clear up the misunderstanding.

This would be an interesting social experiment, because the current generation is not used to meeting companions through face to face interaction, but rather phone to phone interaction.

I’m going to talk about a touchy subject; discipline.

I do not believe in spanking a child, ever, for any reason, either in the name of discipline, or in punishment.

With this technological change, brought upon society a new way to date, such as online dating.

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In today’s world our smart phones are used more than our computers.This was the most current graph applied to this social problem, but I can only imagine its numbers now.

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